Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro reviews will arrive today, but beware of some of them



We weren’t exactly clear on the embargo date for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro reviews because, frankly, we weren’t sure whether the agreed embargo date was part of the actual embargo or not. If I agree not to share information about a product before a certain date, the line is blurred as to whether or not the date itself is part of that information. We don’t face a ton of embargoes here at Chrome Unboxed due to the nature of the material we cover, so we thought it was best to keep our mouths shut on this. The rest of the internet hasn’t been that concerned about this, and it’s been common knowledge for a week at this point.

Apparently Google saw my embargo tweet for Apple products on Monday and may move its embargo from Monday to Pixel 6 ☠️ https://t.co/JZzY3cChCq

For the most part, it seems critics, bloggers and news outlets have played fair with the embargo. I haven’t seen a full review before now and haven’t seen a bunch of camera samples. With the way Google’s material is leaking, it’s a small accomplishment. However, with the embargo lifted today, criticism is certainly coming. Again, we are not an Android-focused website or YouTube channel, so our experience is probably different from others, but it should be noted that We didn’t receive our Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro review units until the morning of Google’s announcement. This means that we have only had both phones for 6 days at this point.

Now, remember that reviews take time to write, edit, and publish. Videos take even longer. If other reviewers got their phones around the same time as us, you got to consider it just a moment. To meet the embargo deadline, a review video was likely shot late last week so that changes could be made and the video could be properly produced. Again, if the review units came out around the same time for everyone, it means that some of these reviews are done after just a few days of using two phones.

This is not the recipe for a precise, thoughtful and carefully considered examination. First impressions? Sure. Reaction videos? Absoutely. Complete opinions on the purchase decision? Not in this time frame. There is simply too much to consider with these phones to make this kind of decision in a matter of days. Damn, I’m still having a hard time deciding which phone I want to buy right now. Should I stay on the affordable side with the Pixel 6 or splurge on the giant Pixel 6 Pro? Honestly, I’m still on the fence and haven’t even pulled the trigger on a buy because I’m so in conflict with that part of the equation.

And that’s why I caution you to take all of this criticism that will be coming in today with a grain of salt. There are probably some YouTube channels out there that will have watched these phones for longer than we have, and if so, I can confidently say that you can trust these opinions for the Pixel 6 as you would any other. what a new device.

This one just hits different

But consider for a moment the difference between this review process and the more standard iPhone or Galaxy S upgrade. Those who review phones like the iPhone or Galaxy S devices know what they’re getting themselves into with each iteration. . Small tweaks in hardware, small tweaks on cameras, small tweaks on software. Samsung and Apple don’t make drastic changes to their phones every year because they’ve both carved out a solid user niche for themselves and they just don’t need to anymore. Plus, as a big tech company, if you’ve found a formula that works, you don’t want to alienate your user base with huge updates to fix things that aren’t broken.

Pixel’s story hasn’t been exactly that way for Google. The more affordable iterations (like the Pixel 3a and 4a) performed well, photo cuts have always impressed, and the hardware has always had a few issues that needed to be fixed in the next release. The pixels, as a whole, needed a refresh and a fresh start. Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are absolutely this new start, and from my few days of use, I can confirm that these are the best Pixels I have used. Already. But they’re different from the Pixels of the past, and that means I need some time to really get into those differences to form a level opinion on these phones.

And I don’t think I’m alone here. We’re waiting for our review because – to be honest – we’re just not ready to do one just yet. These phones aren’t a small iteration of the Pixel formula. They’re redesigning the whole setup in a good way. But that means even simple things like phone reception, camera quality, and overall performance aren’t just a given. We have an untested processor in Tensor, an unknown modem, and a brand new Samsung sensor in the camera array. So far so good, but I think these new hardware parts deserve a little time to fully adapt to a new Pixel phone.

So our review is coming, but not there yet. Soon? Sure, but only after that I can confidently say these phones are the ones we were really hoping for. I so want them to be, but I don’t want it to cloud my judgment either. $ 599- $ 899 is a lot of money to spend, and we want our leading opinion to be based on facts, not hopes. I’m not saying all the reviews you see today will be partially formed, but a lot of them will. There is just too much new stuff here to break it all down in a week. If you know this, you can be a little more prepared to deal with the praise and criticism that will be leveled at these phones today. And I promise, ours will follow soon.


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