PO statutes review updates and annual report


By Greg Ellison

(September 23, 2021) Last Friday, the Ocean Pines Bylaws and Resolutions Committee updated information compiled for an associated task force and prepared for its annual report to the Board of Directors.

Committee chair Jim Trummel said the progress and synthesis reports are nearing completion and ready to go to the bylaw review working group.

“The working group met yesterday,” he said.

In addition to Trummel, working group associates include Jenny Cropper Rines, member of the communications committee, and directors Doug Parks and Camilla Rogers.

“I told them that the committee had indeed completed our review,” he said.

Before receiving the task force’s feedback, the bylaws committee has virtually no work left to do, Trummel said.

After reflecting on the matter, the members of the working group chose to wait for the constitution committee to submit its report.

Trummel said the working group will begin to review the content of status and summary reports once submitted.

“Probably about two weeks after sending, they will review it,” he said.

Committee member Lora Pangratz asked if the working group was in favor of committee reports being submitted together.

“Is it easier for the task force to get all of our information at once?” ” she asked.

Trummel said the working group’s consensus was that once all the data was received, discussions could begin regarding next steps towards the ultimate goal of issuing recommendations for language revisions to the regulations for Council consideration. .

Committee member Bob Hillegass supported submission of a combined report to the bylaws working group.

“To the best of our knowledge, we haven’t missed anything,” he said.

Trummel said further advice from the bylaws working group would be needed on several points.

“We have covered everything sent to us,” he said.

On new business, committee members discussed an annual report due by October 31st.

Section C01 of the statutes provides for advisory committees to submit annual activity reports by the end of October.

“We want to discuss what could or should go into our report,” he said.

Trummel said that after canceling bylaw meetings following the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in the spring of 2020, the group began virtual gatherings in February.

“Our main activity has been to work on the statutes,” he said.

In addition to working with the working group on the revision of the bylaws, the committee also drafted linguistic amendments for resolution C04 and worked on the revision of the constitutive documents.

“These are basically our activities this year,” he said.

The committee’s annual report also includes requests for items in the next budget for the association’s fiscal year that begins May 1.

Trummel suggested that the cost of hosting a referendum vote should be part of the budget considerations for the next fiscal budget, or potentially underway.

“Any modification of the statutes will require a referendum,” he said.

While the language revisions being developed by the Status Working Group are unlikely to be presented to the community for consideration until May 1, other issues could surface sooner.

For example, Trummel noted the ongoing litigation regarding the election to the board of directors and the disqualification of candidate Rick Farr.

“I think we need to identify the potential costs resulting from the efforts in which we are deeply involved,” he said.

Trummel recommended alerting the board to referendum costs and lawyer review fees.

Ahead of the group’s next meeting in October, Trummel offered to compile committee members’ comments on the annual report.

“By October 15, we will have something ready to be adopted and sent to the board,” he said.

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