Positive reviews for affordable housing plans


A render of one of the buildings in an affordable 50 unit complex to be built on Three Mile Harbor Road

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The site plan for a 50-unit affordable housing complex that the East Hampton Housing Authority will build on Three Mile Harbor Road received an initial positive review from the East Hampton Planning Council on July 7.

The complex, which is expected to be completed in 2024, will be built on a plot of over 14 acres at 286 and 290 Three Mile Harbor Road, adjacent to Harbor View Avenue to the north and Bistrian Gravel Corporation to the south. The lot is almost entirely devoid of vegetation, according to Eric Schantz, a senior planner.

The Housing Authority is partnering with Georgica Green Ventures, a private developer, as it did for the Gansett Meadow affordable housing complex in Amagansett, to build the units.

The new complex will consist of five two-story buildings with 10 units each plus two mechanical rooms, as well as a separate wastewater treatment facility. Each residential building will contain two one-bedroom units, one of 689 square feet and the other of 847 square feet; six two-bedroom units, three at 882 square feet and three at 1,003 square feet; and two 1,147 square foot three-bedroom units. The structures will be grouped into an oval with a playground and barbecue in an interior courtyard, parking spaces and a sidewalk along the perimeter. There will be several bicycle racks and two school bus stops on site.

East Hampton Town received a $ 5.6 million grant from New York State to fund the resort. “The need for affordable housing has not diminished, last year to 15 months has only intensified it,” Catherine Casey, executive director of the housing authority, told the planning council. The original plan called for the construction of six buildings, Ms Casey said, but due to an increase in the cost of building materials linked to the pandemic, the project had to be scaled down to stay on budget.

At the entrance to the property, which is in a special groundwater protection area, two rain gardens will be installed, and a driveway and walkway will lead from Three Mile Harbor Road to the buildings, which will be approximately 450 feet from the artery. . To compensate for the property’s steep slopes, the walkway was designed with several curves to make it wheelchair accessible, said Christopher Robinson, director of R and M Engineering.

Planning board members praised the overall site plan, but expressed concerns about the complex’s proximity to a sand pit on Bistrian terrain and the winding walkway. They recommended that a physical barrier be installed on the southern edge of the property to prevent children and others from wandering through the pit and asked Mr Robinson to minimize clearing for the sidewalk.

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