Property seizure case: Accused seeks police station footage for cross-examination : The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Chandigarh, July 26

One of the defendants in the alleged property seizure case, Sanjeev Mahajan, filed a motion in court to instruct the police to produce CCTV footage from all cameras at the Sector 31 police station, Chandigarh, March 1-2, 2021 The application was filed by lawyers Rajesh Sharma and Navdeep Malik.

The attorney said the accused intended to confront Witness PK Dass, an attorney, with the record during his cross-examination in this case. They have stated that no prejudice will be caused to the Crown or any of the parties in this case if the leave sought in the application is granted, in the interests of fair play and justice.

The lawyer said the recording has been duly kept by the technical staff of the police station as per the court orders of Gitanjali Goel, JMIC, Chandigarh. They said that the Gitanjali Goel court, in its order of March 2, 2021, authorized a request by the accused asking for the issuance of instructions to the technical cell of the police to preserve the CCTV images of all the cameras of the police stations in sector 31 and 39 from March 1 to 2, 2021.

According to the indictment, attorneys PK Das and Vyas Chawla signed the documents as witnesses when the deed of sale of the house was executed at the Deputy Registrar’s Office, Sector 17, Chandigarh.

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