REACH Summative Ratings published in RLS on September 21

REACH summative assessments were published in RLS on September 21, 2022

Last year, CTU negotiated to limit who required the REACH assessment process for our members at CPS schools. All PAT CPS (i.e. appointed non-tenured or probationary teachers) and only tenured teachers who opted into the process were eligible to be assessed and receive a grade.

Throughout the pandemic, we have continued to push back against the board’s insistence on holding valuations. REACH data from SY 21-22 assessments confirms that educators are resilient, but more support is needed to meet the challenges you face in the classroom. CPS leaders informed CTU leaders of SY 21-22’s REACH results (as they did for the last few years before the pandemic) and a much higher than average percentage of PAT received a ” inability to assess” (and by default to an expert rating due to the protection of our contract in article 39-2.4) because the administration has not made all the required observations, indicating that the principals do not didn’t have the bandwidth or hadn’t prioritized the observations.

We know our members need support and CPS is having difficulty filling positions. Now is a great time for CPS to consider how to better support educators to do their best and stay committed to their schools, without stressing or threatening educators with high-stakes consequences through assessment.

We recognize that there is anxiety around the REACH assessment process for this school year as the district tries to get back to business as usual. We are committed to highlighting your concerns about the REACH process and the importance of support, not punishment. We are in conversation with CPS about this year and hope to have an update soon.

Do you think your REACH note is wrong and contains procedural violations?

Educators who have received a final summative grade may be able to file a grievance based on procedural violations and/or an appeal based on your eligibility.

To prepare to file a grievance, educators should compile all related evidence and documents, create a timeline of their relevant assessment experience, and contact their CTU field representative. Please refer to the updated CTU Grievance Checklist on the Teacher Evaluation page to determine if evaluation procedures were followed during your evaluation plan. You will also need to complete a Claim Authorization Form and return it to your Field Representative before Tuesday, November 22, 2022.

Which REACH-assessed educators are eligible to appeal their final SY 21-22 summative score?

The appeal procedure is available for:

  • Educators (internships/non-tenured and tenured) who received a final unsatisfactory summative REACH rating SY 21-22 (a score of 209 or less).
  • Educators who received a REACH summative score in the lower half of developing countries (a emerging Developing score between 210 and 250).

In addition and separately:

  • Educators who are laid off by seniority may appeal at the time of layoff whose score is unsatisfactory (209 or less) or developing (score between 210 and 284).

The details concerning the Appeal procedure appear in article 39-9 of the contract.

How does the REACH final summative rating appeal process work?

All calls are completed through the Reflect and Learn (RLS) system. Educators eligible to appeal should be able to access the “Appeal Process” tab in RLS now.

There are two parts of the appeal process and each has a specific time limit:

  1. Educators have 10 calendar days to file an intent to appeal on the RLS website, and
  2. Educators have 30 calendar days to upload appeal evidence, including all relevant documentation, to the RLS website to complete the appeal.

Both parts of the process must be completed for the appeal to be processed and considered.

Educators who intend to appeal should go to RLS and complete the intent to appeal immediately. We will confirm, but the delay For by completing this simple step in the RLS system which we think is Saturday October 1, 2022. We encourage all eligible educators to complete this step so they have the opportunity to appeal.

How can eligible educators get help getting started with their appeals process?

CTU will be hosting a series of workshops on REACH Rating Appeals. Information on call workshops will be available soon.

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