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It’s a wrap

The fourth food truck you can visit Preston Blog is Goffy’s, located on Deepdale Retail Park.


Goffy’s serves a variety of regular sandwiches, salads, and breakfasts, as well as more unexpected Yorkshire pudding wraps, filled with meat and mashed potatoes with a side of dip. I would have tried them, but it was too early for the mash, and once someone goes down that road, they’re on a slippery slope to eating cereal at teatime as a kind of anarchist.

I ordered a crispy bacon sandwich with brown gravy for £ 3 and a mega can of chicken for one at £ 8.45. I thought £ 8.45 was a bit steep for a single person with no drink included, but the amount of food in the box could have fed two people making it a good deal. It consisted of a chicken burger, two chicken strips, a salt and pepper chicken wrap, fries and three dips. I chose the peri-peri, the garlic mayo and the sweet pepper sauce.

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As we had mentioned that we were taking the food home, one of the friendly ladies who served kindly offered to wrap the box in foil to keep it warm.

I ate my bacon sandwich first to maintain the natural order of things and to make sure the universe didn’t turn in on itself.

Goffy's bacon sandwich
No bacon greed here

Meanwhile, my little but infinite mother Yvonne, 74, who had already eaten the population of a poorly defended village by 6 a.m., waded straight into the box as the “mega” in her name meant Megalodon.

I must have distracted her with a badly folded blanket just to check out the chips, which were okay. We cut the burger in half after checking that the chicken wasn’t entirely on its side as I was stung by that one before. The meat was a bit smaller than the bun, but it was fine because the buns were really teacakes bordering on a Geordie stottie. It was certainly not a bun, but all of those attached to it are invited to make their views known in the comments below, if they can refrain from making death threats.

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The chicken in the bun was a breaded piece of breast lying on top of a basic but perky piece of salad. Good, but much improved when I spread the peri peri dip on it. The fries were thick and crispy, the strips were longer, leaner versions of the chicken patties and were given the sweet pepper dip.

The salt and pepper chicken wrap was my favorite item in the megabox. Lots of chicken seasoned with a little salt and chili and sautéed with peppers. He could have taken more spicy seasoning, but it was quite easy to add salt and pepper at home. I would recommend anyone who loves spices to ask for more when preparing. I also brought garlic mayonnaise into the mix, which made the wrap go from good to excellent.

Goffy's Mega Box of Chicken
Beautiful buttocks

My bacon sandwich had a decent amount of bacon that had been cooked as requested and served on soft sliced ​​white bread. I wish I had the option of having it on a teacake or a baguette, so next time I’ll ask if it’s possible.

The meat appeared to be of decent quality, and it was good to have chicken that didn’t look and taste like it had been teleported by a shonky teleportation machine into a deep fryer via multiple radioactive planets, merging together unwittingly with many indignant life forms in the way.

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I was dreading visiting Goffy’s because despite having a good JustEat score, it only got 2.7 out of five stars on a search engine review page. However, there are only six reviews and the one-star ratings seem harsh when you read the reviews that accompany them, such as:

“Too expensive and when I asked about the cup of tea that came with my breakfast I was told to wait as they were busy. Avoid at all costs. ”

A star for a late tea. And a “avoid at all costs” warning like Goffy’s takeout was as perilous as a game of Jumanji.

How did the One Star Commentator’s breakfast go? Did the sausage turn out to be a 60 foot anaconda, bubbling over because he woke up to find himself wearing a black pudding like a beret on the offhand angle?

Sadly, it looks like this will remain one of Preston’s less gripping unsolved mysteries. Until then, try Goffy’s if you’re in the area and try your luck against a swarm of killer mushrooms.

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