Reviews of Velocio Zero bib tights for men

The Velocio Zero is perhaps the best winter bib tights around, offering almost everything a rider wants when riding through the darker, colder months of the year.

Breathability? Check. Extensibility? Copious. Windproof? They easily repel gusts. Hot? As long as the mercury is not too close to zero, the legs will not feel a single chill.

The only criticism that one can really make against Velocio Zero tights is that they are not waterproof – but they never claimed such a feature in the first place. While testing these tights I was subjected to a raindrop that never penetrated the fabric, but I imagine a torrential downpour would seep through the fabric. But don’t let that take away from a pair of winter bib tights that excel in everything they promise.

Velocio Zero Men’s Shorts: Construction


(Image credit: Avenir)

The front of the black pantyhose is made of 85% polyamide and 15% elastane and a membrane, while the back of the pantyhose is made of 54% polyamide, 32% polyester and 14% elastane. The abundance of polyamide is a smart move as it increases the durability of tights, essential in these times when we are all trying to break out of a throwaway clothing culture.

Warmth is provided in the tights thanks to what Velocio calls the ThermoRoubaix Power which forms the back panels, while the seat cushion is fleece and water repellent.

The elastane of the Velocio tights allows great breathability that allows the tights to easily adapt to the position of the rider, while the wind and water resistant panels are combined with a microfiber fleece that adds warmth extra and protects against colder temperatures.

Any good tights – winter or summer – ultimately depend on their chamois, and Velocio developed their gray chamois with Cytech. Not as bulky as other tights, it stays put the entire way and the company says it has fewer friction points.


(Image credit: Avenir)

Winter invariably means riding in the dark, and there are large reflective rear panels down the legs and ankles, providing good visibility when a light shines on the rider.

Seamless microfibers make up the stretchy yet strong shoulder straps that always rest on your shoulders where you want them. Confidence in the straps has been a major issue for me over the years, but Velocio’s design is convincing.

Velocio Zero men’s shorts: the ride

The American brand claims these tights have been tested through the challenges of a New England winter, and I can confirm that they answered the task with a cold Pyrenean autumn and a brief stint in the north of England.

What is impressive about these tights is that unlike the other tights tested, they are much lighter, easier to stretch, but do not lose their ability to warm the rider; never during a trip have I been colder.

Some winter tights may seem restrictive, but with the Velocio Zero I had never had this problem: I always felt that the tights adapted to my position on the bike and there was never digging points where the fabric was causing me uncomfortable pain.

During the test, I was hyper aware of any potential irritation and irritation, but within 20 minutes of each ride these thoughts flickered out of my mind, such was the complete conviction that this would not be a problem.

I took a morning hike in the mountains where the temperature was only 2 degrees, and although my legs weren’t cold there was a noticeable difference between these tights and others I had tested during the descent; it wasn’t that my legs had chills, but they also didn’t feel as comfortable as when the temperature was five degrees and above.

Value and conclusion

It’s true that at £ 233 / $ 299 these aren’t cheap winter tights, but they’re also not as expensive as others in the same market. Buy cheap, buy twice, says the maxim; with these tights you will buy once and no more for a very long time.

Overall, there aren’t many better men’s winter tights than these, and while the price tag is off-putting to some, you can be assured that you would buy a set of tights that will stand up to the tights. test of time and will handle almost any harsh realities of winter.


Sizes: XS – XXXXL
Black color
Price: £ 233

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