Ruger 57 test: cheaper and better than the FN Five-Seven?


The original FN Five-Seven had a lot of buzz around it since it was the companion of the P90. This has earned it its reputation as a handgun on everyone’s wishlist, mine included. I have to say that the P90 and the Five-Seven are beautiful pistols only matched by the incredible 5.7×28 cartridge. If you’re unfamiliar with 57, it’s a pistol-sized round with the speed of a rifle round.

Ruger kind of dropped the 57 out of nowhere and I was surprised. More so when I got my hands on one. The Ruger 57 could be my new bed support gun, maybe even my new concealed aircraft carrier for the winter.

We have to talk about the price. It has an MSRP of $ 850, which might sound like a lot. The important thing to remember is that at present the Ruger 57 is an alternative to the FN Five-Seven, which costs $ 1,200. That’s a good chunk of the change you save if you buy a Ruger 57.

I really enjoyed shooting this gun. The recoil is super light; lighter than 9mm in fact. It might actually seem almost comically light, since you’re sort of pulling a .22, just with a lot more speed. This made it easier to hit targets, even at long distances. Lighter recoil is definitely something I’m looking for in a transport weapon.

Speaking of transportation, capacity is another thing I look for in my daily transportation. The Ruger 57 has that in spades. I chose the twenty shots model (which comes with two magazines). I have to say I really like having twenty-one rounds on hold whenever I need them.

I did not experience any malfunction except when my thumb went a bit high on the safety. He ate everything I threw at him. That’s not a lot though, 5.7×28 is really expensive these days! This should be taken into consideration if you are considering taking on any of these guys. Not to mention that it can be quite difficult to find sometimes too.

The trigger ends up feeling light and crisp at just over four pounds. There is a bit of a grip, but the reset is clean and clear with a pronounced tactile click.

The appearance of the Ruger 57 is one of my favorite things about it. There were opponents, but I’m really into it. The the handles are slippery and the profile is good looking and slim, even though the gun itself is quite big. It also comes equipped with a safety similar to a 1911. I don’t particularly like the safeties on my pistols, but this is a personal preference and I deduct points for it.

I’m not trying to compare the Ruger 57 to the FN Five-Seven. However you cut it, the Ruger 57 is a great handgun. It has that ideal blend of fun and authentic functionality. I like to break it safe and take it out on the lineup and I’m seriously considering bringing it in my daily haul. Also, don’t forget this price, it can’t be beat. Hopefully we will see a rifle soon to complete it.

Richard Douglas writes on guns, defense and security issues. He is the founder and publisher of Scope field, and National Interest columnist, 1945, Daily Caller, and other publications.

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