S5000 in the Evaluation Day category

S5000 at Hidden Valley

The Australian S5000 Riders Championship will hold an assessment day at The Bend in September for potential riders in the class.

Known as the ‘S5000 Open’, the initiative will also serve as a kick-off for the 2023 season, with key sporting, cost and technical changes to be announced on the day.

Barry Rogers, co-owner of the class-owning Australian Racing Group, has previously told Speedcafe.com that the cars will be “less intimidating” next year.

On the S5000 Open, category manager Ben McMellan said: “The ‘S5000 Open’ will be a chance for riders to get behind the wheel and really experience what the S5000 is all about.

“The Bend is the place to be: it’s a fast, flowing circuit that really suits the cars and lets the drivers experience their full range of performance and what they really want.

“The event has been designed to be as accessible, affordable and as informative as possible to provide opportunities for a wide range of drivers who wish to test the cars at high speed.

“Places are limited, so we encourage everyone to contact us as soon as possible to express their interest in being part of the day.”

Garry Rogers Motorsport, Team BRM and Versa Motorsport, among others, will field cars on the day, while experienced S5000 drivers will also be on hand.

While the Australian Drivers Championship has been set and won for 2022, the Tasman Series is still set to come with the first round of the Boost Mobile Gold Coast 500 at the end of October.

The S5000 Open will take place on Tuesday, September 20.

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