Self-examination, preventive screening and prompt diagnosis are key to detecting breast cancer in its incipient stage

Cancer incidence continues to rise in the country, with breast cancer becoming more common among women. Alarmingly, a large part of this pool of patients is between 25 and 40 years old. Prominent doctors advocate the importance of self-examination and preventive screenings to timely detect any lumps or irregularities in the breast area at an early stage.

Describing the benefits of preventive screenings and checkups, Dr Garvit Chitkara, Senior Consultant, Surgical Breast Oncology and Oncoplasty, Nanavati Max Institute of Cancer Care, Mumbai, said: “A majority of patients can benefit if their disease is detected in a timely manner. In India, there is a great misunderstanding of the importance of breast self-examination, regular checkups, etc., which is often the cause of late diagnosis and detection of breast cancer in women. women. It is imperative that women are encouraged to undergo routine examinations, be aware of advanced diagnostic techniques and not put themselves at risk due to late medical intervention.” Often patients arrive at the hospital then that their condition has worsened considerably or that they are already at an advanced stage of cancer, which is often the result of a late diagnosis.

Speaking on the progressive medical technologies available in the country today, Dr Sudhakar, Consultant Radiologist, HCG Cancer Hospital, Bangalore, said, “Advanced diagnostic techniques such as vacuum-assisted breast biopsy technology ( VABB) facilitates very accurate diagnosis as it can sample the smallest of breast lesions that are often missed or not sampled by needle biopsy. In addition, VABB also ensures that tissue samples are taken from all parts of the lesion, thus leading to very accurate diagnosis and early treatment. Women should be aware of these superior technologies and not ignore the concerning signs that require medical intervention.” Often women develop lumps or lesions in their breasts, which can be a cause for great concern, although not all lumps are cancerous. Another common problem in young women is the prevalence of benign lumps called fibroadenomas, which may feel firm, smooth, rubbery, or hard and have a well-defined shape. Traditionally, these would be surgically removed, causing great distress and leaving scars, or patients would choose to live with them in anxiety. But VABB also supports the removal of noncancerous masses and fibroadenomas in a minimally invasive, cosmetic-friendly, daytime procedure. VABB is increasingly becoming the preferred procedure for safely removing these benign lumps. Advanced technologies like VABB are widely used abroad and are now available in India to help women take charge of their health and outsmart breast cancer. Timely detection and treatment help reduce the risk of mortality in patients. Women should be aware of these advanced diagnostic techniques and ensure routine examinations to detect any concerning conditions in a timely manner.

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