Staff member on paid leave after mental health assessment at Mendham

MENDHAM, NJ — A West Morris Regional High School District staff member may soon be required to submit to an additional individual psychiatric evaluation if the board deems him to have a deviation from normal health, physical or mental.

The West Morris Regional High School Board of Education is urged to pass the resolution with immediate effect, according to Monday’s meeting agenda.

The agenda mentions an incident that happened last May at one of the schools in the West Morris district. The board has been advised that the employee, identified only by his employee number, may have displayed a deviation from normal mental health.

Employee #005260 was subjected to further psychiatric examination after review of the factual evidence, on the recommendation of the school’s chief administrator, Michael Ben David.

The decision was made pursuant to New Jersey law NJSA 18A:16-2, which states that each school board may require its employees and must require any job applicant who has received a conditional job offer to submit to a physical examination. The board may require individual psychiatric or physical examinations of any employee when, in the judgment of the board, an employee shows signs of deviation from normal, physical or mental.

During psychiatric care and evaluation, employee #005260 will remain on paid administrative leave pending the results of the review, the board said.

The board will meet on Monday, June 27 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium at West Morris Central High School. To see the full agenda, click here.

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