Str8Bat Cricket Bat Sensor Review: Your Wearable Personal Trainer

If you are someone who loves to play cricket, whether you are a beginner or a trained player, we are always looking to improve our gameplay. Professional players have access to top-of-the-line equipment, cameras and coaches who use data to improve their game, all available at the dedicated training grounds and stadium. But on the move, the lack of such data makes it difficult to analyze our performance. To solve this problem, there are smart sensors available, to help you record similar data without all that high-end equipment. Today we’re going to be reviewing one of these sensors from Str8Bat, so without further ado, let’s dive into the review.

Who is behind the Str8Bat?

Headquartered in Bengaluru, the Str8Bat was founded in 2017 by Mr. Gagan Daga, and Mr. Rahul Nagar is one of the world’s cricket bat catchers to help you collect data and improve your skills at stick. Str8Bat raised a total of $420,000 in funding over 3 rounds via Crunchbase, where Techstars Sports Tech Melbourne and Tech Stars are the most recent investors. This sensor is all about – instant, visual and actionable information.

Str8Bat review: What’s in the box

The Str8Bat comes with the following items included in the package:

  • The Str8Bat sensor
  • 3x bat stickers to apply the sensor
  • Charger
  • USB A to Micro USB cable
  • Installation guide sheet
  • Manual
  • Carry pouch

How to set up the Str8Bat sensor on your cricket bat?

You can configure your newly purchased Str8Bat sensor on your cricket bat as follows:

1. Make sure the sensor has enough charge and rotate the sensor in your hand to wake it up, it will start flashing green.

2. Place the installation template around the bat’s neck and match the bat’s shoulders with the template.

3. Stick one of the three bat stickers on the edge of the model as shown, it should be placed in the center of the two edges.

Str8Bat Review

4. Now place the sensor on the sticker, in the correct position, and press firmly to make sure it is secure.

Str8Bat Review

5. Once the sensor is placed correctly, launch the Str8Bat Cricket app (android, iOS), on your phone, and make sure Bluetooth and Location are turned on.

6. Click on Join Str8bat, and login to your account or create one, fill in your details.

seven. Tap the Str8Bat sensor name to connect and confirm registration.

8. Once connected, calibrate the magnetic sensor, by tapping it twice on the ground. When the light turns blue, rotate the bat in different directions to calibrate it. It will turn green when successfully calibrated.

9. Now complete the pitch calibration by placing it along the pitch and wait for the light to turn green. Then press the sensor firmly twice, with an interval of one second. The green light will flash for three seconds and remain constant (any slight movement will cause the calibration to fail). Alternatively, you can click the sync button in the app, if you’re having trouble getting the right tap)

ten. You are now ready to test your batting skills. Start a session, you can choose between a net practice or a match.

Str8Bat Review: Keystroke Data Analysis

Once the Str8Bat sensor is properly calibrated with your phone, you can record your batting performance data such as swing speed, impact speed, timing efficiency, sweet spot index, l bat lift angle, wagon wheel and impact pitch map. All of this is accessible in 360 view, so you can analyze your shot in detail and work on the shot. The Str8bat sensor records data from each ball played separately, along with hits and misses, allowing you to compare shots in a split-screen view, from all angles. All this data can be shared with any player or your coach on their email id.

Str8Bat review: Our experience

The included charger didn’t impress us much, as the clip socket isn’t strong enough, we had to check if the Str8Bat sensor is charging properly, every few minutes.

We tested the Str8bat sensor for indoor and outdoor usage scenarios, in net practice and match mode. During our test, we noticed a slight delay in syncing data, and it failed to sync data if the bat was moved during sync. We manually counted the number of hits and misses, the Str8Bat managed to capture the data correctly 8 out of 10 times, and once it split the data into two parts, with an accuracy rate between 85 and 90 %. Since there are three stickers in the package, you can use one sensor to record data from multiple readers. As the sensor allows the recording of the session with the name of the player. You must remove the sensor from a bat and apply it to another player’s bat.

The one-year subscription plan included with the Str8Bat package gives you access to pre-recorded cricket coaching videos from top coaches (like Greg Chappell and Apurva Desaii), to help you hone your skills. After one year, you can continue your subscription for INR 99 per month or INR 1007 per year.

Str8Bat Review: Conclusion

The Str8Bat sensor is a great stepping stone for young and enthusiastic cricketers looking to learn and perfect their batting skills. The smallest details captured by the sensor help to study the angles that we often miss. The sensor’s learning curve may disappoint some, but the easy-to-use app UI makes up for it. Hoping to see a fix for these minor sync issues we faced in the near future. Expert coaching sessions and the ability to save multiple player data, with unlimited cloud storage, priced at INR 3000 (Buy on Amazon), make the Str8Bat sensor, score a good place in our list of recommendations.

With that, we conclude our review of the Str8Bat sensor. Let us know what you think of the Str8Bat sensor and stay tuned for more such technical advice and advice.

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