Technical Assistance Consultant (Syrian Health System / Monitoring and Evaluation) – Syrian Arab Republic


Remote with travel times in Gaziantep


593.74 EUR per day up to 60 working days

Report to:

The consultant will have regular reporting points with the London-based program manager

Main responsibilities:

Initially, the consultant will contribute to the scoping assessment carried out during the first 3 months of the project, then, depending on the results of the scoping exercise and the priorities identified, the consultant will contribute to the achievement of other work over the next 9 months. . Key activities during the scoping assessment will include:

Conduct a desk-based assessment of health workforce priorities in northwestern Syria in agreement with other key partners and stakeholders;

  • Stakeholder mapping to understand the roles and responsibilities of key players in the health system in northwestern Syria;
  • Key informant interviews with stakeholders to better understand their priorities;
  • Assessment of health personnel needs/in relation to the number of specialized training/distribution, etc. ;
  • Contribute to an assessment of SBOMS governance systems and mechanisms;
  • Coordination and supervision of all partners collecting data;
  • Development of a report outlining the main priorities for medical education in northwestern Syria, including recommendations for the last 9 months of program activities.

It is expected that during the scoping the consultant will visit Gaziantep at least twice – once for the initial project kick-off meeting and then again at the end of the scoping period to help convey the findings to the stakeholder oversight mechanism. Additional travel may be required during scoping, but this is at the consultant’s discretion. Travel during the implementation phase will be discussed once the priorities identified during the scoping assessment have been finalized.

Once the initial scoping assessment is complete, the consultant will continue to play a role throughout the program, helping to calibrate the activities to ensure they continue to align with the recommendations.

Terms and conditions

The maximum amount available for this contract is EUR 593.74 per day for a maximum of 60 working days. We expect up to 40 days of this work to be completed during the 3 month scope assessment, with the remaining 20 days spread over the remaining 9 months. Work during this period will be based on the priorities identified during the scoping assessment. The consultant will invoice THET on a monthly basis. Please note that this is non-negotiable and will cover all expenses except travel.


The main deliverable of this work will be the development of a scoping assessment report, outlining the findings of the scoping assessment and making recommendations for work to be carried out during the implementation phase.

Contractual responsibilities

Reports to: THET Program Manager, based in London. The consultant will be responsible for managing the workload and conducting the activities in a timely and efficient manner as outlined in this document. The consultant will have regular reporting points with the Program Manager, largely through regular team meetings and quarterly reports, and will be required to keep her informed of progress and key issues. There will be regular internal program meetings for the consultant to attend, which will provide an opportunity to recalibrate activities and results as necessary.

Knowledge, skills and experience

To carry out this mission, the consultant must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Recent experience working with or in the health system in northwestern Syria.
  • Experience in conducting mixed methods scoping evaluations/research.
  • Analytical skills and a demonstrable ability to think strategically.
  • Excellent representative, written and verbal communication skills in English and Arabic.
  • Flexibility, adaptability and work experience in a complex environment.

How to register

Application details:

Interested candidates should apply by submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI).

EOIs must be submitted to [email protected] no later than September 04, 2022.

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