The bistro owner’s savage return to TripAdvisor after a critic denounced “Ryanair-style management”


The owner of an award-winning restaurant hit back at a complaining customer who left a review on TripAdvisor criticizing his “Ryanair-style management”.

Gary Usher, who runs Sticky Walnut in Hoole, Chester did not hold back when a dissatisfied restaurant accused its staff of “not caring about the customer experience.” North Wales Live Reports.

In a review titled, “Excellent food dropped by management at Ryanair,” reviewer, “Rob V”, who appears to have only written this review since 2010, rates the property two out of five.

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He wrote: “The good news is the food here is very, very tasty and deserves a high rating.

“The bad news is that restaurant management doesn’t care about the customer experience. I ate here on July 9th. I had a complaint which was handled fairly badly by the manager that I wrote to the owner.

“A restaurant that aspires to provide a fine dining experience but has lost the ability to empathize with customers and ignore them when they complain?” It is a real shame. “

But Gary, whose bistro is rated four and a half out of five overall on TripAdvisor and has 1,987 reviews, was quick to defend his good reputation.

Rob V posted ‘Excellent food left out by Ryanair style management’ after his visit last month

He replied, “For God’s sake, Robert. I’m supposed to be retired from TwitAdvisor, so let’s not waste time. After all, you’ve waited 11 years since you joined Twitadvisor to write your first review.

“Rob, you booked a table on a Friday night and agreed to a 1:45 time slot.” A common practice, especially during peak periods, which customers and restaurants around the world agree to.

“After your dessert class, the manager, to whom you said ‘don’t care’, kindly reminded you that we would need the table shortly.

“You ignored the manager and ordered another round of drinks. Maybe if your group had arrived on time for your reservation it could have been avoided.

“When the manager returned one last time to politely let you know that we needed to clear the table of our next guests, you stood up from your seat, towering over the manager, pointing their faces.

“The manager’s response was, ‘Sir, please can you stop pointing fingers at me? “

Gary added: “You told the manager that he didn’t deserve to be a manager and that he was not qualified for the job.

“Your mother then joined in adding the vitriol directed to the manager.

“That’s when you and your mom showed your true colors with the classic, ‘We both worked in restaurants, so we know how it works. We should get these drinks for free.’

“You, Rob, then threatened the manager telling them that you would contact the owner because you know him, and Gary, (me) would be appalled to know how you, ‘my friend’, were treated.

“The manager politely begged your entire table to just listen while they explained. Nobody did.

“In a strange turn of events, you emailed me, your ‘friend’ to Sticky Walnut’s email address. You must have lost my number Rob! No surprise to me or to him. manager, you and I don’t know each other Rob.

“Every few months in a restaurant, a rude guest will use the ‘I know the owner! line to try to intimidate team members into believing they will be in trouble because they haven’t looked after the owner’s “friends” enough.

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“I read your email. I did “do it”, but not about you Rob, but about the way you treated the team. Thus, instead of answering you, we have chosen to block your number, that of your mother, and to put a note on our reservation system to no longer accept future reservations from you.

“As for the manager who ‘doesn’t care’, they’ve been running Sticky Walnut for eight years.

“Coincidentally, the same time that Sticky Walnut reached a top 100 spot at the National Restaurant Awards in the UK. I think that makes them both extremely deserving of being the manager and absolutely qualified to occupy it. job.

“Sincerely, not your buddy, Gary.

“Another owner you don’t really know.”

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