The opposition opposes the government’s decision to shorten the days and time for examining the estimates

As the debate on the 2022 national budget draws to a close, the opposition opposes a government decision to get the Assembly to reduce the number of days and the time usually reserved for the examination of the budget forecasts and forecast questions to the Supply Committee.

According to reports, the government is proposing to reduce the number of days for the review of the budget estimates from five to four days and to reduce the time to be allocated for the review of each budget agency from 30 minutes to 10 minutes.

A senior opposition official told News Source that such a move by the PPP government would be rejected outright by the opposition because it would not allow for a careful and transparent scrutiny of the estimates.

The official explained that a 10-minute allotment for reviewing an agency’s finances would limit the opposition to asking no more than one or two questions about that agency’s budget.

The opposition believes that the country’s largest ever budget and the first to use money from oil resources should be carefully scrutinized.

This year’s $552.9 billion budget represents an increase of more than 40% over last year’s budget.

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