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The program evaluation committee met on Thursday, September 16 to review three models so that members understand the philosophy program evaluation.

The committee examines the reports of programs given to teaching programs or administrative units and reports to the College’s Town Planning Council. These are used to determine whether they should create, modify, or interrupt a program. It is an essential component of City College accreditation and its integrated planning.

Accreditation is vital for schools to obtain financial aid, as well as to allow transferable credits to UC and CSU schools.

At the last College Planning Council meeting on September 7, President Superintendent Dr. Kindred Murillo said the college expects an on-site visit on October 12 and 13.

At the start of the meeting, the Co-Chair of the Program Evaluation Committee (PEC), Raeanne Napoleon, asked if the committee members had any concerns about recording for the public.

“Everything we talk about should be public, but I don’t think they’ll care what we’re going to talk about today,” said science division representative Sean Kelly.

Although all three models are listed in the “discussion” section, only the Student Services Program Review Template is accessible to the public. It was stated at the meeting that committee members should review each of the three models and add comments and questions to them.

The Student Services Program Review Template describes general program description questions, such as the connection to diversity, equity and inclusion, professional development, and guided pathways. Other important sections included the service area results, goals and objectives, and the resources required to achieve program objectives.

“For years our program has been what it has been. Last year alone, we went to shake things up. These are the models that will change, ”said Napoleon.

There was some perplexity over the allocation of “pods”, which are group review teams.

“Do pods and pod leaders support each of these programs and departments?” Said Adrienne Arguijo-Morgan, student loan coordinator.

The clarification was to assign these groups and have other veteran members to help new members who may still feel uncomfortable with the process.

“These are the people who are going to be the point of contact,” said Dean’s co-chair Alan Price. “It’s fair to say that this is the group that will assess.”

The next CEP meeting will be at 2:30 p.m. on Thursday September 30 via Zoom.

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