The Supplement Helping Examiners Improve Sleep During Their Period*

“I have had trouble sleeping for a while, especially during my menstrual cycle,” writes reviewer Sonia G. “I started taking Sleep+ and after a few weeks I noticed my sleep was much better I have no trouble staying asleep!”*

The thoughtful combination of ingredients in this supplement—magnesium bisglycinate (for a stable state of relaxation), jujube (for calming and sedation), and PharmaGABA® (for improving sleep quality)—come together to help promote deep relaxation. faster, deeper and more sustained rest.*

“I used [sleep support+] on many sleepless nights due to disruptions in [my] monthly cycle,” notes reviewer Aris S. “You get deep sleep, and best of all, you wake up lucid and not groggy. »*

This energized awakening is partly due to the fact that sleep support+ does not contain melatonin. This extra hormone, while helpful for moving to a new bedtime (eg, while traveling), does little to improve overall sleep quality and can lead to groggy mornings. Experts are also hesitant to suggest taking melatonin every night because it’s unclear how it affects other hormones over time. This is an especially important consideration during those key days before your period when hormones are already in flux.

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