The UGC authorizes a 6-month maternity leave for doctoral and master’s students, but only once during their entire term of office


The University Grants Commission (UGC) has allowed female doctoral and MPhil students to take 6-month maternity leave, but only once during the entire tenure. In accordance with the current UGC provision, Minimum Standards and Award Procedure for Masters and Doctoral Regulations, 2016, female students may be granted maternity or childcare leave for a maximum period of time. 240 days during their master’s and doctoral studies.

“The candidate can benefit from maternity / childcare leave

Leave once for the duration of the M.Phil / Ph.D. up to 240 days, ”says the official notice. The committee called on the vice-chancellors of all universities in the country to develop the framework for granting maternity leave to female students enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

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In addition to the current arrangements, the UGC has asked all higher education institutions to define appropriate rules to offer exemptions related to attendance, extension of the date for submitting exams or other facilities deemed necessary for female students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Meanwhile, the UGC, in an earlier notification, issued guidelines for appropriate COVID-19 behavior in higher education institutes (HEIs) when they reopen for physical classes and exams. The commission during the pandemic and subsequent closures continued to issue guidelines and standard operating procedures (SOPs) regarding the conduct of the review.

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In a notification released on December 13, the UGC cited another order from the Department of Health and Family Welfare asking all colleges to follow COVID-19 guidelines and appropriate behaviors as universities open up. physical attendance and exams.

Students from different central and public universities have opposed the decision to hold offline exams through online campaigns. While many state governments, including Madhya Pradesh, have asked universities to hold exams online, others have yet to clarify their position.

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