The Vaultek Safe LifePod weatherproof safe is water resistant


Worried about your keychain and smartphone being hit by water during your rafting? With the Vaultek LifePod, you can keep these items close to you and dry. Read this article to learn more.

Secure your important items on outdoor adventures or travel with the Vaultek Safe LifePod weatherproof lockable storage. This weatherproof safe offers lockable storage and is water, dust and air resistant. It even floats. This way you can keep doing your business with your most important items right next to you.

You love your paddle boarding trips, but stowing your valuables in your car makes you uncomfortable. But keeping them with you will almost certainly damage them from water. It’s a real conundrum, but one that the Vaultek Safe LifePod solves. This handy safe allows you to keep your important items with you while you are in the water or anywhere for that matter. Let’s take a closer look.

Keep your valuables dry with the dual compression latches

How exactly does this weatherproof safe keep your valuables safe from water? It has a weather resistant seal that works with the side compression latches. They seal the inside of the box to create an airtight storage compartment. Meanwhile, the rubber seal keeps the environmental items out of the box.

Vaultek Safe LifePod with objects

Get a practical safe with a built-in locking system

With the Vaultek Safe LifePod, it’s easy to keep your valuables safe. This is thanks to its integrated locking system. It combines Vaultek’s precision safety technology with an anti-impact latch design. This integrated locking system allows you to quickly and easily lock the box when you need it. This way you can be sure that only you are opening it.

Vaultek Safe LifePod in a video

Protect your gadget with the interior of this durable lock box

Of course, it’s not just about keeping the water out. When you pack your smart watch and phone in this case, you want to be sure that they won’t roll around inside and get scratched. With the 3-piece foam interior of the Vaultek Safe LifePod, stored items stay safe and protected from the inside.

Enter your code on the touch keypad

You won’t have to waste time and effort spinning numbers on a padlock with this weatherproof lock box. It has a backlit LED touchscreen keypad that allows you to easily enter your 6-8 digit master code to unlock the box. There is also a quick-press button that locks the case with a single push.

Choose a strong but lightweight design

Worried that this safe is too heavy to lug around? You don’t have to be. This case is designed with an exclusive material blend that offers both strength and lightness characteristics. For this reason, the Vaultek Safe LifePod weighs only 2 lbs or 3 oz. It’s just as much as your typical laptop, so you can be sure that this safe is just as easy to carry in a backpack, bag or suitcase. And impact-resistant materials give you peace of mind.

Enjoy a full year of battery life

Another great feature of this weatherproof safe is its battery life. In fact, the Vaultek Safe LifePod has a battery life of one year. This is due to the 9V alkaline battery in the case (not included). With normal use, this device can operate with one of these batteries for up to one year. It’s security you really don’t have to think about.

Best of all, the keyhole rubber front cover actually conceals a built-in micro-USB port. You can use it to power the box if your battery dies. This way you always have access to your stuff. Otherwise, you can also use this safe without the battery to use it as a waterproof case.

Breathe easier with the backup keys in this handy safe

Every lock should have an emergency key, and this weatherproof lock is no exception. If you forget your password or something else happens, the device helps you stay prepared as it comes with two manual backup keys. This way you always have access to your most important items. You can also activate the optional anti-picking function to prevent picking of the manual lock.

Attach the case via a lanyard

Best of all, you can connect this weatherproof safe to a range of items using the tether cord. It provides secure connections to things like your paddleboard, kayak, or raft. In addition, a 19-inch steel safety cable maintains the position of the case.

Rely on the floating function

Finally, if your Vaultek Safe LifePod slips out of your hands and falls into the water before you’ve strapped it on, don’t worry; this lock case floats. So, if it slips, it rests above the water, waiting for you to pick it up.

This waterproof mailbox is a pretty cool gadget. It keeps important items like your phone, smart watch, and wallet close and safe no matter what you do. The innovative design blocks water and air. And the easy lock feature makes it a snap. If you’re a water sports enthusiast or a frequent traveler, you’ll want to add this handy locking holster to your gear.

The Vaultek Safe LifePod weatherproof lockable storage costs $ 109.99, and you can buy it from the company’s official website. What equipment do you rely on for travel or outdoor activities? Tell us in the comments.

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