This popular long sleeve maxi dress is 41% off

Are you preparing your luggage for an upcoming trip? Nothing says vacation better than a long fluid and floral dress. But how do you make the popular dress trend more appropriate for fall? How about a maxi with sleeves? Well, there’s one that’s generating a lot of buzz among Amazon shoppers, and it just went on sale. Say hello to Blencot Long Sleeve Maxi Dress.

For a limited time, the Long Sleeve Maxi Dress price is down 36%. And, you can use a special coupon on the spot to get an extra 5% off – so technically the Blencot Long Sleeve Maxi Dress is 41 percent off. It’s a good thing.


To buy:$49 with onsite coupon (originally $80)

With its long sleeve silhouette, plunging neckline and whimsical construction, the Blencot Long Sleeve Maxi Dress is a perfect pick for the fanciest items on your travel itinerary. But, according to shoppers, it’s incredibly versatile and easy to style for casual outings and events. Plus, its polyester material makes it incredibly soft, breathable, and lightweight – plus it provides the perfect amount of stretch, especially if you’re wearing it for a long period of time.

The Blencot Long Sleeve Maxi DressThe ruffled cuffs also create a fashionable juxtaposition with its long puffy sleeves. Its tiered skirt sets the shape of the dress, while its romantic floral pattern catches your eye and sets it apart from its counterparts (Note: the Blencot Long Sleeve Maxi Dress also comes in solid hues if that’s more your style). Shoppers have 27 colors and patterns to choose from, and sizes range from small to XL.

Apart from travel, Blencot Long Sleeve Maxi Dress also makes a great option for everything from work and brunch with friends to baby showers and weddings – actually a bride wore it like their wedding dress!

“This dress is beautiful, fluid, light and comfortable,” a customer who brought the dress on vacation said in their review, adding that “it looks like it could fit most body types well and be flattering with its A-line cut.” They concluded with, “This is my favorite dress I own and I can’t wait to wear it again.” Another reviewer added“It’s super light and great for traveling as it doesn’t really flash. You can also dress it down or dress it down.


To buy:$49 with onsite coupon (originally $80)

To intervene, a third buyer wrote“I’m absolutely in love with this dress. This [lies] in all the right places. Echoing their enthusiasm, another buyer commented“I feel like a goddess. The print is beautiful and the dress fits me perfectly. Highlighting its price, a reviewer added“This dress is worth the money.”

Guarantor of quality, another customer noted that “this dress is long and cannot be seen. I didn’t need to wear underwear,” and one reviewer even dubbed it “Best dress purchase I’ve ever made on Amazon. The style is so flattering and the colors are stunning.


To buy:$49 with onsite coupon (originally $80)

Layering enthusiast? It is also worth mentioning that you can opt for a short sleeve version, which is equally stylish and goes well with shakes, cardigans, blazers, leather jackets, etc. It’s also on sale for 39% off, which also brings the price of the dress down to $49.

Whichever you choose, you can expect to receive many compliments. Take it Blencot Long Sleeve Maxi Dress on Amazon today while it’s on sale for up to 41% off – just be sure to tick the box to apply the extra discount at checkout!

At the time of publication, the price was $49.

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