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LUCKNOW: The Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Board (UPSEB) on Sunday announced the assessment formula for the preparation of results for students in grades 10 and 12 of the UP Board whose exams were canceled due to of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma, who is also Minister of Secondary and Higher Education, said students in class 12 of the UP Board will be given marks on the 50:40 assessment formula. : 10. “In the final result, a weighting of 50% will be given to the marks obtained by the pupils of class 10, 40% to the marks obtained in class 11 (semester / annual exam) and 10% will be based on the marks obtained in class. 12 (pre-boarding examination) ”, declared the deputy CM.
“For class 10, the evaluation formula will be 50:50 – a weighting of 50% will be given to the marks obtained in class 9 (semi-annual / annual exam) and the rest will be based on the marks obtained in class 10 . review, ”he said.
“The state government has decided to pass 2994,312 high school applicants and 26 10,316 middle school students without exams. A committee was formed under the chairmanship of the Additional Chief Secretary, Secondary Education, Aradhana Shukla, to decide on the formula for the results of the high school and middle board exams. Suggestions were solicited from the public before finalizing the formula, ”said the Deputy Chief Minister.
He added that as many as 3,910 suggestions had been received from various stakeholders such as state lawmakers, educators, parents, teachers and others.
“After considering the suggestions, the committee prepared the formula for the benefit of the students.
To assess its students, the state government used a different formula than the Central Council of Secondary Education because the education system / process of the two councils is different. It was for the first time that pre-boarding exams took place within the board of directors of the UP whereas it is an old practice in the case of the board of directors of the CBSE “, t -he declares.
A total of 56 04 628 candidates were registered in 2021. At least 29 94 312 candidates registered for the secondary exams, of which 29 74 487 (99.34%) are institutional candidates and 19 825 (0.66%) are individual candidates.


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