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Leon County Commissioners gave Leon County Administrator Vince Long a near perfect rating for his 2020-21 annual assessment. The average Long score of the Commissioner’s assessments was 4.98 on a 5-point scale.

The scores for the individual commissaires are provided below.

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Four commissioners gave Long a perfect score. The lowest score was 4.93 by commissioner Kristin Dozier.

Commissioner Carolyn Cummings wrote:

The County Administrator has demonstrated and continues to demonstrate strong leadership and management skills not only for Leon County, but also for County Administrators throughout Florida State and nationwide. His leadership throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has been remarkable and his recognition for the protection of first responders and all employees in the county has been praised..

President Rick Minor wrote:

Throughout this assessment period, the Leon County government continued to face a multitude of challenges arising from global and national issues: protecting citizens and the economy during the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring the racial fairness and equal justice, navigating heightened political divisions and turmoil within state and federal government, etc. As such, the demands on local government are greater than they have been for many years. In my opinion, our County Administrator and his staff continue to do an exceptional job serving the citizens of Leon County and helping the County Commissioners Council make some very difficult decisions.s.

At next week’s meeting, the board will ratify the county administrator’s annual performance review. To ensure that the performance appraisal process is conducted in a fair and open manner, the council has adopted a policy that requires the county administrator to present an annual report to the council in September of each year summarizing the status. and the county’s performance over the past fiscal year.

Following this presentation, each commissioner was asked to carry out an individual performance evaluation of the county administrator.

The assessment of commissioners focuses on seven key areas:

  1. Professional skills and status
  2. Relations with the County Commissioners Council
  3. Policy execution
  4. Reports
  5. Monitoring
  6. Tax management
  7. Citizen / Community Relations

The performance reviews completed by each commissioner and their comments can be viewed here.

According to the county administrator’s contract, Long will receive an annual increase of 5% and an annual merit increase as determined by the president.

Notwithstanding the board’s assessment of the county administrator’s performance, as he has done in most years, he once again requested that the president not grant the additional merit increase for this year.


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