What if…? Episode 9 review: a missing puzzle piece



Meanwhile, as Star-Lord T’Challa saves Dairy Queen Peter Quill from Ego, The Watcher also recruits him. We then jump to Nidavellir, where an alternate duo of Tony Stark and Gamora help Dwarf King Eitri melt the Infinity Gauntlet. We are told that Gamora is a “survivor of Sakaar” and a destroyer of Thanos, but sadly we never saw any of that. The Erik Killmonger we saw take over Wakanda is also picked up, along with Las Vegas Party Prince Thor.

The Observer and Doctor Strange explain Ultron’s mission to their team – to drive the Infinity Stones away from Ultron and destroy them in Gamora MacGuffin’s Crusher – even as Killmonger begins to make mental chess moves to betray them. all. Turns out her dark nature is built into their overall plan, so it’s okay, I guess. Also, it turns out that Stephen isn’t as good as Cap or T’Challa at delivering a rousing speech (which follows) but luckily he is really good for doing protective spells.

Ultron soon discovers the newly assembled Guardians of the Multiverse thanks to Thor’s gaff, and a formidable fight ensues as the Guardians face him in the universe of the penultimate episode where Black Widow was the sole survivor of the human race. The aforementioned crusher doesn’t work in this timeline (oops), but Strange captures Ultron and Killmonger in a pocket universe after Cap and Black Widow upload the Zola brain program to Ultron using Hawkeye’s trusty USB arrow.

How it works ?

The Guardians of the Multiverse are all sent back to the timeline they came from, with the exception of Black Widow, whom The Watcher takes pity on and settles in the middle of an alternate universe that is missing a Natasha. We see her fighting Loki aboard a SHIELD helicopter and saving the day on an Avengers team that includes Captain Marvel, and we can assume this is the world of Episode 3 where Hank Pym took out all of the most powerful heroes on Earth, except Captain America. It’s good!

In a post-credits scene, we see BBFs Natasha and Peggy discovering the Hydrastomper in the Lemurian Star’s cargo, and he’s teased that Steve Rogers is still alive inside.


I absolutely loved seeing Captain Carter leading the Lemurian Star mission with SHIELD! I feel a little deprived of seeing Peggy and Natasha’s jokes live, because I felt like they had so much chemistry together. I saw Twitter explode with a mini fic slash after this episode started airing, and if I were to, for example, have a secret Captain Carter fan fiction blog that I update regularly, which of course. I don’t and you shouldn’t try and I find that because it absolutely doesn’t exist, then I could maybe imagine some romantic stories for these two coming to life there, in this 100% fantasy blog and not real. In any case, yes. Move over Steggy and Stucky, there’s a new MCU coat rack in town: Pegasha. Nathalie? Hey, this is a work in progress.


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