Who is Olivia Nicole? Black TikToker gets ‘suicide rating’ as teacher uses N-word


A black TikToker by the name of @ olivia2005nicole2 recently took to TikTok to describe how she had to take a suicide assessment after her teacher used the N word during a class discussion. In the video, the TikToker can be seen in front of a green screen. No face is visible during the conversation, but a discussion around the breed is audible.

Someone, apparently a student in the class, told the teacher: “This is not even the right flag, it is literally rooted in racism”. ” Thus [N-word]! ”the professor said.“ They are both rooted in racism, all of you. ”In the comments, the TikToker clarified that the“ flag ”was the“ Confederate Flag ”.


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At the end of the audio, the TikToker says the teacher was someone she “loved so much” and visited “every morning”. She says that during the conversation, she sat down next to the student who recorded her. The TikToker further describes how she returned home after having to undergo “a suicide assessment after [she and the teacher] had this conversation.

“It’s like that. I’m tired. I’m so tired. I had to quit my job because a white woman called me that word. That word, it hurts people. I don’t understand how a professional can say that in a room where you know black people will be present. She’s a teacher that I visit every morning, I call her mom and I hug her, “she said, adding that she had to part ways with a best friend whose boyfriend threw the racist word at her.

“I don’t understand the obsession all of you have with the word,” she said. “It’s stupid; you are an educator. She took a break before saying it, so she clearly meant it. It’s out of my hands. His article received over 181,000 views and 2,400 comments. Someone from white wrote: “The teacher felt a little too comfortable saying the word,” said another user: “They always say ‘it’s just a word’, but if it was really just a word, they wouldn’t want to say it so badly. “

In another recent incident that shed light on the pervasive racism that continues to affect black people emotionally, two white men allegedly harassed a black woman in a Texas supermarket while working for Instacart. A video of the incident posted by TikToker @ deekotapa0 last week has been viewed over 2,000,000 times. In video of the incident, which allegedly took place at a Kroger store in Dallas, the woman can be seen screaming at a white man wearing a blue T-shirt, presumably after the harassment has already taken place.

These incidents are not very rare as several cases of harassment and discrimination have been reported online since the installation of Covid-19. The most common refrain was people complaining about mask warrants in stores. In June of this year, a video capturing a fight at a Walmart went viral. The shocking video showed a Walmart security guard knocking out a customer cold with a punch after the customer apparently spat on him. In March, there was also the case of an anti-masker from New York City who threw the N word at a bagel shop worker when asked to cover her face.

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