Zanu-PF minister says Owen Ncube needs psychiatric checkup

Civil Service, Labor and Social Affairs Minister Paul Mavima has said former State Security Minister Owen Mudha Ncube needs a psychiatric examination due to the chilling threats that the government would refuse to distribute food and unleash violence against the opposition during next year’s election campaigns.

Deputy Home Minister Ruth Mavhungu Maboyi also said the high-spirited Zanu-PF politician was off the hook for abusing social media on behalf of the ruling party.

This follows audio linked to a Zanu-PF campaign rally speech in Mberengwa in which Ncube made threats of violence against the opposition, saying the party would unleash an orgy of political violence worse than bathing. blood suffered during the period of the 2008 presidential election campaign.

In the audio, Ncube also said those disbursing food aid should not consider opposition supporters.

Asked in the senate by Morgen Komichi of the MDC-T if this was in line with government policy, Mavima inadvertently admitted that Zanu-PF is using food aid as vote bait, adding that all deserving Zimbabweans would get their share.

“The government is not boring to the point that we want votes in 2023 and then we start selecting who gets the food aid,” Mavima said.

“If it’s true that the audio was from some Zanu-PF members then their minds need to be examined because we want 5 million votes in the next election so we can’t get those people if we don’t don’t give everyone in the country food aid.”

Mavima said 3.7 million Zimbabweans will receive government food aid between January and March next year.

H added: “The policy of the government is to ensure that no one will die of hunger. It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, what denomination you believe in or your political affiliation, but it’s everyone’s right.

“As long as you are a Zimbabwean, we are not going to let you down or not give you food – that was what the Head of Government, His Excellency Dr Mnangagwa asked me when we discussed this matter in the Cabinet.”

Also commenting on Ncube’s threats, Maboyi chastised the Zanu-PF official for misusing social media to spread lies.

“As Home Affairs, we don’t listen to social media. However, as Honorable Maboyi, if I send a voice note, people in my constituency can easily portray my voice. So I think the People where this audio is from can also help us identify the source or culprit of this audio.

“We really want to put this habit of abusing social media where activists spread lies on social media.”

Ncube has made no public denials, he is the one who made the claims.

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